PT Portrait

PT Portrait 4.0

Easy portrait editing software, remove blemish and wrinkles, gain a perfect look.

Easy portrait editing software,quickly remove blemish and wrinkles, smooth skin, gain a perfect look.

PT Portrait is an easy photo editing software for portrait retouching. It lets you retouch portraits to make them perfect, removing imperfections and making improvements to rival the quality of professional photographers. With PT Portrait, you’ll be able to magically erase wrinkles and blemishes, reshape faces, and apply natural and realistic effects that smooth skin, enhance tone, remove red-eye, and whiten teeth! PT Portrait is fully color managed. So the colors in your image will be displayed correctly no matter what color space you're using in your workflow. Full-time 16-bit image editing brings you high quality results without losing details. For any one who likes portrait photography, it will be a useful tool.